Yoshito Ohno releases new DVD and book, Flowerbird Butoh: A Way of Life

A new DVD has been released by Yoshito Ohno, the son of the late Kazuo Ohno and the co-performer of Forbidden Colours, the work that launched the Butoh movement in 1959.

Flowerbird Butoh: A Way of Life features 85 minutes of performance footage with 14 minutes of extras. It has English subtitles and also includes a bilingual, 112-page book with 74 illustrations.

yoshito ohno dvd flowerbird butoh

Billed as a “dance videology”, the DVD includes Antony and the Ohnos (2010) and other recent works like Flowers and Birds: A Letter to My Future Self (2013) performed in Japan, Singapore and Germany, along with the older The Dead Sea, choreographed in 1985 by Tatsumi Hijikata for Ohno and his father.

The extras include an early experimental film, Navel and the A-Bomb (1960), directed by Eikoh Hosoe and performed by Ohno and Hjikata. There is also an interview with Ohno about the experience of performing in the now legendary Forbidden Colours with Hijikata.


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