Ka Fai Choy coming to Tokyo

Festival/Tokyo has announced its full Program and schedule of events. A blog post looking at the performances will find its way here soon but the meantime here is just one highlight.

As part of the F/T11 Emerging Artists Program, Singapore-born, London-trained media artist Ka Fai Choy is coming to Tokyo to perform Notion: Dance Fiction.

Here’s how he describes the piece:

Notion is a demonstration performance exploring the possibilities of muscle memory implant as a digital form for recording, playback and real-time mapping of movement-based technique. Inspired by the evolution of dance history in the last century, the performance attempt to install digital muscle memory implants from a selection of iconic dance movement vocabulary into a body as it learn, adapt and recreate within the multiplex of kinesics expression.

Here’s a sneak preview of his work:

You can see more videos and pictures on the CreatorsProject.com.

Notion: Dance Fiction by Ka Fai Choy
November 7-8, 2011
Theater Green


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