Campaign for a New Writing Theatre in Tokyo

Tokyo is missing something vital in its theatre scene. A public theatre specializing in new writing. Subsidized theatres are few and far between (especially on a national level) — but one that only produces new work (and by new writers) does not exist, as far as I am aware.

This proposed New Writing Theatre would:

  • Have an artistic director, preferably a director with experience working on new plays
  • Have literary manager and literary department, a team with experience in dealing with texts
  • Be funded partly by public subsidization on a ward, metropolitan and national level, as well as sponsorship
  • Be based in Tokyo, within the twenty-three wards
  • Be comprised of two spaces, a main house with a stage (approx. 300 seats) and a studio theatre (100 seats)
  • Also contain rehearsal and workshop spaces
  • Commission 5-6 scripts a year and self-produce these
  • Invite 5 outside theatre companies a year to use the space for free to create a new work
  • Court a club of critics who represent major publications
  • Hold workshops and courses for aspiring playwrights, directors and others
  • Hold rehearsed readings of 5 scripts per year
  • Accept (and potentially produce) unsolicited script submissions from established or unproduced writers
  • Enter into drafting and writing development with the writers above, to create better scripts
  • Tour and transfer successful productions to other small theatres in Tokyo and the rest of Japan

It would not replace the fervid subculture of shogekijo in Ikebukuro and west Tokyo. It would not be a giant institution that requires a huge metropolitan and national government budgets (like, say, Tokyo Wonder Site or the New National Theatre).


One response to “Campaign for a New Writing Theatre in Tokyo

  1. sounds like a great idea. could you let me know more detail about this via email? iz. ash.


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