Jobs for the Boys

Dramatist Oriza Hirata has been given an appointment by the Cabinet, it has been announced.

Hirata (46) is also a lecturer at Osaka University and his work was seen at the Spring F/T this year. He formed Seinendan in 1983, one of the breeding grounds for many young writer-directors and actors in Japanese theatre. His 1995 play Tokyo Notes won the 39th Kishida Kunio Drama Award. He is also the manager with the Komaba Agora Theater, a key shogekijo in Tokyo.


Apparently he will be assisting the new Prime Minister with international strategies and communication. Hmm, I wonder if Gordon Brown would consider hiring Tom Stoppard? He could get some lessons in wit and charm. Or how about President Obama getting advice from David Mamet on how to talk tough? I’d like to see some of that dialogue in the Senate!


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