F/T09 Autumn Press Conference

On Friday July 31 there will be a press conference for the autumn events at Festival/Tokyo 09. It will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space from 14:00.

At the conference you will be able to get more information on the performances and companies featured in the Festival. There will be a photo session, Q&A and a round-table conference. Attendees include Amagatsu Ushio (Sankai Juku), Akira Takayama (Port B), Yukichi Matsumoto (Ishinha), Shu Matsui (Gekidan Sample) and Kuro Tanino (Niwagekidan). Interviews with the attendees will also be possible.

Members of the press seeking invitations should contact NPO Arts Network Japan (ANJ) at toiawase@anj.or.jp.


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