F/T09 Autumn

Just out! Details of the participants in the Autumn installment of Festival/Tokyo.

Kansai troupe extraordinaire Ishinha have been invited (I’d been following on their website developments of their new work but had no idea it would be participating in the Festival), as have fringe Niwa Gekidan Penino and the award-winning Gekidan Sample (whose Shu Matsui contributed to the Spring Festival).

Doubtless the biggest international contender is Romeo Castellucci and his Divine Comedy Trilogy(recently seen in London).

There is a sense of continuity (familiarity?) in that Castellucci is returning, as are Sankai Juku, Batik and Rimini Protokoll (apparently performing near Haneda Airport this time). However, some risks are being taken. The esoteric German stuff has been jettisoned in favour of Sarah Kane (4.48 Psychosis, directed by Norimizu Ameya, who also has Kane’s Blasted at his Shizuoka theatre in June) and a more mixed overseas presence (Brazil, America, Lebanon).

Among the satellite performances there are two productions of Hideki Noda plays at the venue he now runs, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space.

I missed Castellucci before, as well as Rimini Protokoll, so I don’t want to make the mistake again. However, Ishinha will be top of my list and after I recently made the trip out to Mitaka to see Sample I might see their play as well. Niwa Gekidan Penino were stunning at the tiny apartment-theatre a couple of months ago and I will be interested in seeing them in a slightly larger space. And there’s the dance and the Butoh…

It’s still only just been put up and there are few details (and no English version), but here’s the Festival website with the line-up:


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